Claire O'Brien

Mres, Pg.Dip., BSc (Hons), BHSAI, BHS Int SM, AI (DEFRA)

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

What Is Sweet Auburn Coaching About?

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Sweet Auburn Coaching services was named after Claire’s old family home, ‘Sweet Auburn’, in Ireland, which was built by her Grandfather, Michael O’ Flanagan.

Claire is based in Hampshire and specialises in training young horses and re-training horses for eventing. She has been a BHSAI Coach for over 10 years, coaching a wide range of competitive and leisure clients in Ireland, England and Europe. Her experience as an international groom and yard manager for riders such as Karin Donckers, Lisa Sabbe, TT Eventing and Sam Watson, has given her a well established background in managing and training international performance horses. 

Most notably, she has found a particular interest in applying the science behind equine learning to training event horses after studying Equine Science at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and was a lecturer in Equine Science and Performance Management for four years. This passion for establishing a link between the latest research and performance equitation has shaped Claire’s training strategies to ensure that her methods are based on ethical principles and evidence-based research.

Claire is a fully qualified BHS Coach

Claire is a fully qualified BHS Coach